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Shaping the livestock narrative

Policy solutions are like puzzle pieces — they only work in the context they are designed to.

Shaping the livestock narrative

We’ve worked with the {INTERNATIONAL LIVESTOCK RESEARCH INSTITUTE (ILRI)}, a CGIAR centre based in Nairobi, since 2021. Their head of communications, Michael Victor, messaged after he saw our {COMMUNICATIONS MODEL FOR THINK TANKS} somewhere on Twitter. 

Over the past three years, we’ve worked with ILRI on four evidence-based advocacy campaigns to shift some of the polarising narratives around livestock and climate, especially those that suggest implementing policies in the Global South that are designed to solve Global North problems. Our work has been focused on advocating on behalf of smallholder farmers, shining a spotlight on ILRI’s research, and the role smallholder farmers play in solving climate change challenges.

These campaigns have targeted set piece events like UN Food Systems Summits and COPs; built coalitions between funders, researchers, and smallholder farmers; and importantly, championed ‘solutions with legs’.

You got me excited again. We want it all, we’ll do it all. Hopefully, we might be able to execute all of the creative routes.

Michael Victor Head of Communications and Knowledge Management

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