We frequently speak at both conferences and individual organisations.

In recent times, this has included the On Think Tanks conference, the North American Think Tank Summit, the CHACR annual conference, as well as talks at the United Nations, Atlantic Council, Heritage Foundation, and Cambridge University, among others.

Our presentations are designed to provoke discussion and debate, allowing participants to reflect on how their organisation approaches the topic at hand, and where improvements can be made.

What we speak about

We speak about what we know: the communication of policy ideas, trust in experts, and the information environment.

If you are a think tank, university research centre or policy-focused NGO, we would be delighted to take you and your colleagues through one of the presentations below. Each lasts 15-20 minutes, followed by a 40-45 minute Q&A session. These presentations are free of charge, though bespoke presentations can be commissioned for a fee.

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