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Policy debates often get stuck, mired in conflict between opposing narratives. Tom founded Cast From Clay to change that.

Your favourite question to kick off a project?

“Imagine 5 years has past, you look back at this project, what was it that made it a success?”

Tom Hashemi

Tom began his career at Edelman as a communications strategist, advising global brands like Unilever, PayPal, and Toyota, as well as managing Edelman’s thought leadership platform, the Trust Barometer. Stints at thought leadership consultancy Reputation Leaders and data science company Black Swan followed.

Tom has been a guest speaker and lecturer at several dozen institutions, including the Cambridge Union, the World Bank, Sandhurst, SOAS, and the Brookings Institution. He runs the ‘Getting policy unstuck‘ series to learn from policy experts, as well as being an irregular contributor and judge for PRWeek. He holds an MA in Terrorism, Security & Society from King’s College London, a BA (Hons) in Middle Eastern History from the University of Manchester.


His clients include