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Inspiring new humanitarians

Building public constituencies for change can have lasting, unpredictable outcomes.

Inspiring new humanitarians

Save the Children came to us after the escalation of war in Ukraine in February 2022 had turned the issue into a major focus for the British government. They had a big question: is there a way to mobilise and expand on this focus in order to make life better for the thousands of children in conflict all over the world?

We’ve worked with Save on this since. We started by building on their existing ethnographic research to understand the full picture. Concern about Ukraine was wide-reaching across sectors and geographies, but why? What was driving this urgency to help? Could we channel this drive in other directions?

We sought to understand these wide-ranging perspectives and opportunities by engaging NGOs and INGOs, military, governments and civil servants, businesses, communities and activists with in-depth interviews.

Taking what we found, we ran a creative workshop with the Save the Children team and went through an iterative series of refining and exploring different ideas. This work has centred on creating a humanitarian innovation award that mobilises power of the private sector to help children in conflict. The award will harness the UK’s scientific, creative and tech industries to create a network of skills, resources and products to help keep children in conflicts safe.

We’re in the final phase before public rollout. Phase 2 is kicking into gear.

Thank you for the brilliant work, such detailed, thought-through, deep-rooted analysis.

Alison Griffin Head of UK Influencing

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