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Launching a policy report

Provocative communications and policy reports can get into bed with one another.

Launching a policy report

We worked with the Food System Economics Commission (FSEC) throughout 2023 to launch their new economic modelling of the impacts of the global food system.

FSEC is a partnership between the EAT, the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and the Food and Land Use Coalition. We’d previously {DESIGNED AND BUILT THEIR WEBSITE}, and they came back for support with the report’s communications strategy, campaign concept, and digital content.

We developed the positioning, narrative and key messages to underpin their approach. With these in place, we developed a campaign for  the launch, including the campaign concept, ‘Do Nothing’, digital assets (image and video), and supported on delivery in the run-up to, and following, the launch event.

The ‘Do Nothing’ concept was aimed at provoking a response. Far too much food policy work has been produced with negligible impact. The concept was aimed at calling this out: we know what the problem is, but sure, let’s do nothing.

We saw website traffic significantly increase over the course of the campaign. Unlike the {THOUSANDS OF REPORTS THAT NEVER GET READ}, this one was downloaded several thousand times in the first week of the campaign alone.

I love working with Cast from Clay.

Iain Shepherd Director of Communication and Global Engagement

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