Vantage Point

How are think tanks and research institutes viewed from the outside? What do leading journalists, academics, lobbyists and philosophers think of the work they do? Vantage Point reveals what the world wants from wonks.
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Moving beyond the objectivity myth

In response to waning public trust in institutions, some think tanks dig in their heels and point to their objective research. This approach doesn't tend to work. But there is another way forward.

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A new dawn for think tanks

Post-Brexit, citizens remain more politically aware than before. This has the potential to generate a more participatory democracy. Think tanks could have a bigger role to play here.

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QAnon: Policy and the new (dis)information ecosystem

QAnon represents some of the most extreme manifestations of our new information landscape. Journalist Nicky Woolf explores the impact of this context on policymaking.

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Think tanks: Views from a London lobbyist

The relationship between lobbyists and think tanks is not simply close, it is one of symbiosis. How can think tanks best benefit from this relationship?