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International affairs & foreign policy comms

We position foreign policy think tanks, drive national engagement with international policy proposals, and build media platforms.

Foreign policy

We have had a long history working in the national security and foreign policy realm. Not least because many of our first clients were spun out of the Department for War Studies at King’s College London.

The foreign policy landscape is changing rapidly. We help organisations to overcome the complex comms-related challenges they face and navigate a new era of polarisation, instability, and increasing debate on the shape and role of foreign policy actors. Examples of our work include:

  1. Campaigning to secure national commitments
  2. Building a media platform to engage outside the Beltway bubble
  3. Positioning a foreign policy think tank

Challenges in foreign policy

Foreign policy can feel quite distant. The last two years have changed this, as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine increased global energy prices and inflationary pressure. Foreign policy will become an increasingly important policy area to those traditionally focused on domestic policy. Here are three reasons why:

Adapting to a new geopolitical era

The international order of the current era is coming to an end. The rise of China, a revisionist Russia, and a less dominant United States will create ongoing power struggles. These in turn will affect a host of different foreign policy ambitions. For example, how does one negotiate climate policy with a pariah state? Policy elites will need to build coalitions at different levels of the international policy arena, so progress can be made despite future international storms.

Global challenges that require multilateral solutions

Many of the challenges we face today are global in nature. Yes climate, but also pandemic preparedness, resource scarcity, even disruption from emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and autonomous weapons. These will affect the political economies of many countries around the world. Understanding those political economies, and forging links in support of common values through well-framed communications will be a key role of the foreign policy community. 

The rising role of defence

Democracies have broadly benefited from low defence spending for several decades, but that will change in the years to come. The defence industry’s often tarnished reputation, despite its crucial role, hinders its capacity to attract the best candidates, thereby compromising the ability of democracies to safeguard themselves. Seismic shifts are likely required and narratives will need to be compelling, for example, if tax rises are required to fund the inevitable increases in defence spending.


Foreign policy communications consultancy

We have worked for various international affairs and foreign policy think tanks, including:

  1. UN Ocean Conference-focused campaign for the Word Resource Institute’s High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy Case study
  2. Advising on narrative, social strategy (inc. paid), and content creation for NATO’s 70th birthday (via RUSI, the Atlantic Council, and the Munich Security Conference)
  3. Advising on positioning, designing the visual identity, developing a corporate website and media platform for the New Lines Institute, Washington, D.C. Case study
  4. Designing and building a foreign policy media platform (twice) for Inkstick Media, Washington D.C. Case study
  5. Policy narrative and content creation for the European Council on Foreign Relations, Berlin
  6. Visual identity and website design and build for the Texas National Security Review
  7. Online course content design and development, website design and build (twice) for the South Asia program at the Stimson Center, Washington D.C.
  8. Messaging for Girl Security, Chicago IL

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We partner with NGOs, think tanks, and research organisations to co-pitch for funding from foundations in order to target a specific policy change.

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