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Senior Developer


Senior Developer

Nazar is a Senior Developer, with a decade of development experience under his belt.

Nazar Pelekh

Nazar started his career as a quality assurance engineer, checking and rechecking the work of others to ensure it met the brief. That attention to detail has stayed with him.

Nazar joined Cast from Clay at the end of 2023, following previous roles at Zefirity, Sentrium, and Bachoo Design Studio. His first project was this website (ours!). He has worked with PHP and WordPress for 8+ years, and has complemented that over the past few years with React.js and Next.js. Over the next few months he will be developing a new research digital platform on React, alongside client work.

He has a Master’s degree in Telecommunication from Lviv Polytechnic University, speaks Ukrainian, English and a little Polish, and is a keen runner.