Three women who inspire us

On International Women’s Day, We are Flint celebrates three women who inspire us.

Baroness Shirley Williams

A tireless champion of progressive politics. Among her considerable achievements, Shirley Williams advanced the cause of women in politics and flew the flag for women more broadly. She also introduced comprehensive schools while in government and pushed through legislation to abolish capital punishment. Her eloquence, passion and clarity of thought are an inspiration.

Ada Lovelace

The mother of modern computing. Ada Lovelace (pictured above) worked with Charles Babbage to develop the Analytical Engine, the first mechanical computer. In the 19th century, she had the vision to recognise the full potential of the machine and published what is widely recognised as the very first algorithm. Without her our work wouldn’t be possible.

Baroness Martha Lane Fox

A true digital leader. Martha Lane Fox founded in the late 1990s and was subsequently appointed Digital Inclusion Champion within government. As a digital practitioner myself in government at the time, she felt like a breath of fresh air. Fox continues to fight for a fairer internet, making the case for responsible technology through Doteveryone.

Cast From Clay operates at the intersection of politics and digital technology. All three are inspirational figures to us, not so much because they are women, but because of the impact they have had on us, as professionals and citizens. The fact that they are women who made a mark in areas which are typically male-dominated simply makes it all the more remarkable.