Three artists to watch
Mark Rothko, Untitled, 1952-53

One of the best things about working in the design world is having the excuse of being able to go to art galleries for inspiration and call it work. In the We are Flint early days I used to head to the Tate Modern and sit in front of Rothko’s imposing masterpieces to write proposals. There isn’t a much better source of inspiration than some abstract art when you’re trying to inspire think tanks to reinvigorate their communications efforts, right?

Instagram acts as a source of inspiration for us on a regular basis. Here are three of my favourite artists on the image-based social media platform.

Hormazd Narielwalla

We love Narielwalla’s work so much we bought two of his prints to hang on our walls. Colour comes into the We are Flint brand from the imagery we use and Narielwalla’s work fills the same role for our office. Geometric, clean, angular bliss.

Instagram: @narielwalla

Jacob Dhein

Dhein’s nudes are a work of magic. The subjects are highly detailed, often disassociated from their environment and placed over textured and fragmented backgrounds. Stunning stuff.

Instagram: @jacobdhein

Tom Cox

If you follow We are Flint’s work, you’ll have seen Tom’s illustrative powers already – he’s the man responsible for the sketches on the Texas National Security Review. He can usually be found roaming the streets of London, canvas-in-hand, looking for the next scene to capture in his angular, raw style. An artist that’s going places.

Instagram: @tomcoxart