Are you an academic that studies think tanks?

Are you an academic that studies think tanks? Do you want to get access to the raw data from our recent research into American attitudes towards think tanks?

We’re big fans of the open source movement. We’re also big fans of transparent research. All too often we see statistics being used without clearly identifying the question and answer options that led to the statistic. 

We’ve worked in communications long enough to know that data narratives can be easily manipulated without this transparency. One of the findings from Cast From Clay’s “Forging the Think Tank Narrative” research is that only 20% of Americans trust what think tanks have to say. It would be easy enough to run with the narrative “no-one trusts think tanks”.

But that belies the fact that 56% of Americans don’t know whether to trust what think tanks have to say. The real story is one of a lack of familiarity, not just a lack of trust.

It’s a small example. There have been several more potent examples in recent political history, but let’s not get distracted.

If you’re an academic who studies think tanks and would like to get your hands on the raw “Forging the Think Tank Narrative” data to use in your own academic research, please get in touch: [email protected]. Make sure to give us a couple of links to your relevant previous research and a few lines on what you think our data may help you do.

We’ll ask you to sign a non-disclosure agreement agreeing that you’ll keep the data in its raw form to yourself (this doesn’t apply to your analysis of the data) and won’t monetise the data. Everything else is fair game.

We look forward to hearing from you.