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Want your communications to have real impact?

We’re always talking about policy organisations and 21st century communications strategies. But how do we put the big ideas into practice?


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with Katy Murray
How to take a campaign approach to communications

Create impact by adding intensity and intent to your comms. Katy explains what a campaign approach is and how to use it. Watch the trailer for more details.

with Tom Hashemi
How to build a communications strategy

Want to make your comms more strategic but not sure where to start? Our Director, Tom, walks you through the process, step by step. He explains more about it in the video.

with Natallia Nenarokamava
How to create reach with your content

Natallia shows how to boost channel performance through planning, production and distribution. Turn complex ideas into engaging content and make channels interactive. Take a look at the trailer.

with Aidan Muller
Beginners’ guide to paid social media advertising

Social media platforms have evolved their algorithms to incentivise advertising. Today, it’s pay-to-play. Our strategist, Aidan, shows you how. Watch the video.

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