Things to check before you change website designer
You’ve been with your current web agency for several years. There’s nothing wrong with them, you just want a new agency with a fresh spark to create your new site. You’re not expecting any drama when you tell your old agency you’re moving on, but there’s always a chance. What do you need to do to make sure it all goes smoothly?

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This is a question we’re asked pretty regularly when we win a new project. The vast majority of agencies are perfectly well behaved when it comes to handovers – it’s not worth the reputational damage to be a tool when a client leaves you. But you do get the odd one…

Here are a few generic things we’d do if it were us. You should definitely talk to your new agency and ask them if there’s anything else specific to you that they’d add to the list.

1.   Domain name – make sure you have ownership and control over it, it’s the most important thing by far

2.   Backups – take or ask for a full backup of the website and database

3.   Content – if you’re using WordPress or another content management system, export all the content so you can import it all into your new site with ease

4.   Login details – double check you’ve got all the login details you need, including for any third party integrations (Google Analytics for example)

5.   Contracts – ask when all your contracts (hosting/SEO etc.) end and how much notice you need to give because it may be worth holding off on the new build for a couple months

Something that you’d add to this list? Jot it down in the comments and we’ll add it with a thank you!

Photo credit: Surian Soosay