The UK leads the US on social (just)

It’s official; we’re addicted to social media.

Our new publicly-available report into social media usage, the first UK-focused analysis of its kind, reveals that 75% of adults online use social networks daily. And despite the continued emergence of new platforms, Facebook clearly has the ultimate staying power.

With 78% of UK adults currently using Facebook, it continues to be the mainstay of social networking. Its popularity is mirrored in the US with 72% of adults online using the platform, according to figures released by Pew Research Centre in August 2015.

Although Twitter is often referenced alongside Facebook as a dominant social network by mainstream media, it trails far behind in terms of usage. Interestingly, our data found that while only 45% of UK adults use Twitter, this figure is significantly lower in the US at 23%.

When assessing the data that we gathered alongside the results of Pew’s survey, it is clear that there are more similarities than differences, and the results for Twitter outline the most significant disparity in social media usage between the two countries.

For example, the stats for Instagram are almost identical. 29% of UK adults use the platform, and US adults follow closely behind at 28%. Comparably, UK LinkedIn usage comes in at 30%, while the US falls slightly short at 25%. When it comes to Pinterest, 31% of US Internet users have an account vs. 29% of UK adults.

While there may be a stark contrast in Twitter usage, there are minimal differences in the level of social media use among adults in the UK and US. With usage at an all time high, social media is likely to remain indispensable in both regions for the foreseeable future.

You can take a look at the full breakdown of UK usage here and the full breakdown of US usage here.